"In reflexology, the upper palms and
backs of your hands represent your
chest," says Wendi Humphryes,
certified reflexoligist. "Stroking them
can regulate your breath and promote
a whole-body feeling of calm." Quote
taken from Cosmopolitan Magazine -
Sept. 2002

Master of Reflexology Certification
from the Modern Institute of
Reflexology (5000 hours)

Certified Reflexology Instructor
Over 10 years independent study in the
field of body, foot, ear and hand reflexology

Certificate of Merit (20 hours) at the
Academy of Natural Healing

Member of Reflexology Association of
America since 2002

Member of Associated Reflexologists of
Colorado (ARC) since 2002

President of ARC - 2004 - 2005

Board Certified and licensed as a
Reflexology Professional in Englewood and
Wendi is a long time Colorado resident with many hours of hands-on training in the art of
Reflexology. Eighteen years in the medical billing field led her to believe there is a better way.
Therapist Credentials
Copyright: Healing Works Reflexology - 2005
Wendi Humphryes
Board Certified Reflexologist