Health Harvest - November 2005

A healthy frame of mind is a first step to holistic health. Use this
Thanksgiving season to focus on the things for which you are

Eating healthy foods is crucial to well being. Of course, the
temptations of the holiday fare can be overwhelming! Challenge
yourself to prepare at least one festive dish that is also good for
you and your loved ones this season.

Give your body a tune-up. Indulge yourself with a body point
reflexology treatment to reduce the stresses of the upcoming
holidays. Call me to find out how body point reflexology
complements traditional feet, hand and ear reflexology treatment.
Tip-Top Health Tips

from Healing Works Reflexology

Valentine's Day - February 2006

Love thyself— Valentine’s Day is a designated day for expressing
love, especially to others. It is a good time to remember that loving
others as ourselves, means we owe it to our loved ones to truly love
ourselves first.

Ain’t what you used to be? — Well, neither is our food. Studies
show that modern growing and marketing techniques have
downgraded benefits our bodies receive from eating even healthy
food. Commit to loving yourself by finding and faithfully
supplementing your diet with a good multi-vitamin/mineral.

Love someone else — it makes us feel good and them too. Indulge
yourself and a friend with a reflexology treatment. Call me to find
out about our Valentine’s Day special.