As an IMA Group member, I have
agreed to abide by the following
standards of professional and ethical
behavior in my field:

To put my clients’ well being first and

To conduct myself professionally and

To uphold the integrity of my profession.

To acknowledge, respect and cooperate
with my colleagues and peers in order to
advance our profession and ensure that
the highest level of excellence is available
to the consuming public.
Code of Ethics
I shall promote myself, The IMA Group, and my profession honestly, tactfully, and
with the aim of educating both my peers and the public, so that they may be
empowered to demand and receive all the benefits that my profession provides.

To acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and refer
clients, when necessary, to other health professionals to provide the most
appropriate care.

To maintain a safe and comfortable working environment, paying particular
attention to avoidable hazards and respecting personal boundaries.

To ascertain and comply with the requirements of all governing laws and abide by
them to the best of my ability. Where laws are unjust, I will labor with my
association to change them.

To communicate responsibly, truthfully and respectfully with clients, and to hold
their communications in strict confidence.
Wendi Humphryes
Board Certified Reflexologist