Aging is not for sissies!

Body reflex therapy along with traditional feet and hand work has
assisted me greatly in the aging process. Although generally in good
health, I am grateful for the benefits of Wendi's treatments that result in
better immunity, less allergy-type congestion and, most of all, reduction
in chronic muscle pain and everyday stress.

I've been a patient of Wendi's since the beginning of her healing career.
I've watched her enhance a natural heart-felt desire to help others with
a constant quest for knowledge and improved techniques. I highly
recommend you find out for yourself the benefits that come from Wendi's
healing touch.

Rose Castle
Back on my feet!

When I first came to see Wendi, I was dealing with plantar fascitis. My foot pain was so great that it was having a very negative impact on my life, especially because my job has me on my feet for the majority of the day. Since seeing Wendi once every 2 weeks for only a few months, my foot pain is almost totally gone and being on my feet at work all day is no longer an issue at all. I would highly recommend Healing Works Reflexology to anybody who is experiencing chronic foot pain or plantar fascitis.

Bob Entjer